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Zinenko Oleksandra

The childhood representation in the Ukrainian internet media


At present, online resources play a leading role among news channels. Therefore for the study we selected journalistic content from the three leading online media of Ukraine for 2019 («Ukrayinsʹka Pravda», «TSN» and «Channel 24»). A detailed content analysis of articles on the topics of childhood and children as vulnerable social group representatives has been conducted, by the agency of special media coverage techniques. Thematic classification of materials has been proposed: social (success and achievement stories, school life, health, culture, science, behavioral social studies), public (child support programs, legislative reform, community organizations and initiatives, children assistance), family (tips for parents, ideas for leisure), tabloids (accidents and road crashes, child abuse, star children, funny cases, and curiosities). The biggest was the group of tabloid materials (47.6%), the second place was occupied by the social problems’ materials (21.6%), family texts amounted to 8.11%, and public interest ― only 2.5%. The trends of the image of children in the media were distinguished based on a statistical study of materials (children in the materials of the Internet media were presented in two main directions: 1) weakness and lack of security; 2) fun and carelessness with a significant predominance of the first group). The creation of the image of childhood analysis following the standards of journalistic work is conducted and the overall evaluation of the topic development and ways of its coverage is given. The prerequisites for the subject of follow-up studies on childhood in mass media were created.

Keywords: children, childhood image, Internet media, content analysis, journalism.

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