Service instructions

The right to use a library have: scientists, colledge graduates, university students (starting from their second year), and also members of Lviv regional Small Academy of Sciences (in accordance with the ratified list).

To subscribe in to the library one should have the following documents: passport, certificate of degree, and student ID card or record book for students. The library services are available to readers, who have their personal library card. A library card is not free. You can have your library card made from 11 a.m to 4 p.m on weekdays.

Users are entitled to:

  • visit reading rooms and use documents out of the library funds;
  • get information about the library funds composition, consultations for the information resourses search and selection;
  • order editions out of basic storage funds, reserve documents necessary for subsequent work during the period of 10 to 15 days;
  • acquaint oneself with documents exhibited on new receipt exhibitions, special exhibitions and new receipt display stand;
  • copy and scan documents out of the LNL funds, taking into account a physical condition and edition value;
  • borrow an edition (the service is available only for some certain categories of readers).

Users are obliged to:

  • get acquaited with library service instructions at the registration;
  • show a library card at the library entrance;
  • treat the LNL fund documents, equipment and software carefully;
  • adhere to the period of borrowed documents usage;
  • check up amount of documents and accordance to the order at their receipt, warn a librarian about found defects;
  • being subjected to scrutiny, show notebooks, folders, papers by request of duty librarians;

It is forbidden to:

  • pass library card to another person and to use another’s;
  • mar received documents from the LNL fund;
  • take away documents, received for the use in reading rooms, or take them to another apartments without permission of duty librarian in reading-room;
  • violate computer work instructions;
  • come into the library in an outerwear;
  • bring bags, own books, magazines, etc. into the library;
  • use cell phones in reading rooms;
  • violate civil order in the library, mistreat personnel, officials and other users.

A user that damaged fund or library assets has financial and criminal liability in accordance with the effective Ukrainian legislation, and also is deprived of his/ her rights to use the library during a period set by the Instructions.