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Romaniuk Myroslav

To press studies’ files: «The newspapers of Ukraine, 1816—1916  in collections of Vernadsky National Library»


The article analyses the characteristics of retrospective scientific catalogue compiled by bibliographers from Department of Press Studies of Vernadsky National Library. The catalogue comprises an information about periodicals from the Department of Formation and Using of Newspaper Collections as well as other divisions of Vernadsky National Library.

The author emphasizes an importance of scientific idea realized by compilers which consisted in studying the unique library collections of periodicals of 19th — early 20th century as well as in creation of scientific and information product valuable to all who need information about newspapers, their availability in Vernadsky National Library and those who seeks for data on the pages of newspapers published in 1816—1916.

The main principles of compiling the catalogue were clarified, the way of presenting the bibliographic information, especially main data about the described newspapers like the place of publication, publishing period, names of editors and publishers etc. Author stated that reviewed catalogue allowed to see the picture of media landscape typical for Ukrainian lands in 19th — early 20th centuries, consisted with several components such as language, ideological and political commitment etc.). It was outlined that the reviewed publication is a good information guide to the newspaper collections of Vernadsky National Library which were dispersed in result of specific policy applied to establishing the institution’s divisions since the first decades of Library’s functioning. The importance of bibliography titled «The newspapers of Ukraine, 1816—1916 in collections of Vernadsky National Library» as a powerful  source of different aspects study on Ukrainian press of the past was stressed.

Keywords: retrospective catalogue, Ukrainian Press, newspaper, bibliographic information, library collections.

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