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Nestayko Markiyan

Photos of Levko Yanushevych on the pages of Ukrainian magazines


The article studies the activities of one of the famous Ukrainian photographers of the XX century — Levko Yanushevych in the field of photography. We have systematized and characterized the artist’s photographs on the pages of Ukrainian and foreign (for Ukrainian emigrants) periodicals of the XX century, specifically, «Dilo», «Nashi Dni», «Nova Khata» (all titles in Lviv), «Kholms’ka zemlya» (Krakow), «Ukrainskyi visnyk», «Holos» (both in Berlin), «Na slidi» (Augsburg). The process of shaping Yanushevych’s creative personality via a prism of public activity and cooperation with famous figures is analyzed. The significant contribution of the photographer to the preservation of important facts and information about the Ukrainian intelligentsia of that time is revealed. Levko Yanushevych appears in the general picture of the XX century not only as a photojournalist of the cultural life of Ukraine, but also as an active participant in the processes taking place at the background of art. This is evidenced by articles, interviews and memoirs left by Yanushevych in local magazines. His popularity at that time is confirmed by publications in foreign editions made by efforts of the Ukrainian émigrés. Levko Yanushevych’s photographs are stored in the archives of the V. Stefanyk Institute of Library Art Resources Research of the Vasyl Stefanyk National Scientific Library of Ukraine in Lviv. They are not accessible in some magazines. The personality of this photographer is quite interesting not only in terms of his professionalism and famous works, but also as a cultural and public figure. His photo portraits are still stored on the pages of the Ukrainian General Encyclopedia. His photographs of landscapes and architectural masterpieces of the Ukrainian cities of the late XIX and early XX centuries help to plunge into the past. However, information about the photographer is very scarce, and there is no study of his work. In the mentioned press archives in 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, as well as some authorial articles available on the Internet were found about 50 photographs of the artist. We analyzed and systematized images by genre groupings. The article also covers a range of issues related to the origin and existence of photography in the 19-20th century, the main figures of the time, photo studios and vocational schools of Ukrainian photography. The findings of our research show trends in photography relevant in a perspective of the 21st century were experienced by professionals and amateurs in the past. Capturing information, transmitting emotions and feelings, preserving architectural monuments, landscapes, recording important moments in the lives of relatives or prominent people, coding or symbolism were important stages in the evolution of photography.

Keywords: Levko Yanushevych’s photos, Ukrainian photographer, Ukrainian magazines, photography.

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