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Nakonechna Zoriana

The peculiarities of functioning of «the first publication in Zolochiv» «Zolochivske Slovo» (1918—1919)


The Ukrainian newspaper «Zolochivske Slovo» issued in Zolochiv in 1918―1919s has yet to be an object of scholarly scrutiny. O. Drozdovska characterized it to some extent in the historical and bibliographical study «Ukraiinski chasopysy povitovykh mist Halychyny (1865―1939)». Concise articles concerning this edition were printed in some Ukrainian encyclopedias as well. In our study, a history of emergence and specificity of the periodical’s functioning has been traced. Due to unfavorable political circumstances, this publication came out only till May 21, 1919.

The topics of articles of the newspaper «Zolochivske Slovo» have been analyzed, as well as the problems covered most frequently by journalists, have been determined. Specifically, socio-political topics gaining specific relevance after developments of November 1, 1918, have been accentuated. Thanks to the very November uprising [Lystopadovyi Chyn], the West Ukrainian People’s Republic (ZUNR) was created, and the Ukrainian press’ publishing activated. Particular attention has been paid to obituaries since they aimed not only to preserve memory about perished comrades, Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, but also urged others to struggle for the future of the young Ukrainian state. In the article belle-Lettres publications published in the newspaper during the M. Golubets’ editorship, have been documented. The authorship of the newspaper has been elucidated. In its issuing participated such prominent public figures as Mykola Golubets’ (the cooperation with this newspaper is a little-known fact of creative biography of this renowned Galician figure).

Keywords:  newspaper «Zolochivske Slovo», editor, publisher, article, topics/thematic, heading, authorship, M. Holubets’, obituary, Sich riflemen, independence.

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