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Gabor Vasyl

Avgustyn Voloshyn: a concept of «the father of the Carpathian Ukraine» in the West Ukrainian press in the 1930s


An image of A. Voloshyn as a founder of national revival of the Carpathian Ukraine (Carpatho-Ukraine), emergence and evolution of its usage, genre and stylistic features of press publications have been analyzed on the basis of the West Ukrainian periodicals in the late 1930s.

For the first time, A. Voloshyn’s designation as a «father», «father of the people», as well as a «national awakener», a «preacher» is found in the newspaper publications in 1934, when the Ukrainian public celebrated his 60th anniversary. At these celebrations, A. Voloshyn also welcomed the orphans whom he had donated his home and whom he had taken care of. It was them who first called him «father», and the public, thereafter, called him «father of orphans».

The Western Ukrainian press began calling A. Voloshyn as «the father of national revival of the Carpathian Ukraine» in the period of the Carpathian Ukraine. In the journalists’ viewpoint of that time, this word was best suited to characterize A. Voloshyn, a great patriot and leader of Transcarpathian Ukrainians, a gentle, moderate and tolerant man. Throughout his activities, there was a sign of warmth in his father’s heart, combined with a deep sense of responsibility and rigor. In the context of the analysis of the people’s reverence and love for A. Voloshyn as the «father of Carpathian Ukraine», it should be noted that it had nothing to do with the cult of the then political leaders of Germany, Italy and the USSR.

As a spiritual and socio-political leader, A. Voloshin fought for the rights of his people throughout all his conscious life, wrote and published textbooks and newspapers at his own expense, as well as maintained orphanages and raised more than a generation of nationally conscious teachers. All his spiritual, socio-political and cultural activities enabled him to become a model of altruistic patriotic work. He became a man who not only by self-sacrificing work for the weal of his people as well as his martyr death in the Moscow’s NKVD torturer chambers proved a devotion to his nation and his beliefs.

Keywords: Avgustyn Voloshyn, the Carpathian Ukraine (Carpatho-Ukraine), «father of people», Moses, national revival.

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