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Nadiia Kulesha

“Ukrayinskyi Prapor” (1923—1932s): the Berlin period of the newspaper of the President of the Ukrainian National Council


The centenary of the Ukrainian Revolution (1917―1921s) made relevant the interest to the developments and the personalities of that time, specifically, to the personality of the President of the ZUNR, Petrushevych, Yevhen. The newspaper «Ukrayinskyi Prapor» founded in 1919 in Vienna, throughout its existence, was considered as an official print organ of the Dictator (i.e., Y. Petrushevych). The Vienna period of this publication lasted from August 1919 to mid-November 1923. From the end of November 1923 till April 1932, the paper was published in the capital of the Weimar Republic, Berlin. It was the only newspaper of the Ukrainian emigration published for the longest time in interwar Germany. It was an example of a socio-political periodical. There collaborated outstanding editors and publicists. The pages of this paper record the history of the diplomatic struggle of the West Ukrainian foreign representatives for the liberation of the Eastern Galicia from the protectorate of Poland and the restoration of Ukrainian statehood. Its materials documented the course of the occupation of the Eastern Galicia by Poland and the process of «Polonization» of the Ukrainian population of that region. The article explores the Berlin period of existence of the magazine. Specifically, it studies the changes in the ideological line of the magazine, more specifically, its pro-Soviet editorial orientation because of the illusions about the transformation of the national policy of the Soviet rule in Ukraine, especially during the period of Ukrainization. Then the traditional headings of the magazine were joined by the publications with positive coverage of the flourishing Ukrainianization in Soviet Ukraine. The newspaper also actively reacted to the SVU (Union for Liberation of Ukraine) trial in Kharkiv, justifying the position of the Soviet authorities. The paper’s editorial staff were well-known figures of Ukrainian politics, science, and culture: Yu. Bachynsky, O. Hrytsai, A. Zhuk, M. Lozynsky, R. Perfetsky, and others. They provided a high level of editorial content with high-quality, multifaceted texts. We conclude that in terms of the editorial content and formal aspects, the newspaper «Ukrayinskyi Prapor» matched the standards of the European mainstream press of that time.

Key words: newspaper, emigration, Eastern Galicia, Soviet Ukraine, Sovietophile, the Ukrainian statehood, Ukrainianization.

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