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Yevhen Chernukhin, senior scientific fellow of Institute of manuscript of V. Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine, PhD (Philology)

Archives of the Sheptytskyi family in Prylbychі: reconstruction, review of documents


The aim of the investigation is to reveal the contents and the structure of the Sheptytskyi family archives in their patrimony Prylbychi, to study the present state of documents and their proveniences. For the first time the study of 100 documents from the Sheptytskyi family archives has been carried out considering the initial systematization and the structure of the collection. The later registering of the archives documents have been studied and the complete list of survived records presented in the Supplement. The archives of Sheptytskyi in Prylbychi originated from the family papers and collection activities of John Cantius Remigius Sheptytskyi, the father of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi. In the archives were nearly 400 records of various proveniencies, registered by means of special stamp and ordinary numbers presumably at the end of the 19th c. Part of the Prylbychi archives, at least 100 documents, was taken by Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi to his Lviv residence, and thus escaped the extinction, while the mansion in Prylbychi was burnt by the Soviet invaders in 1939. After 1944 this part of the Prylbychi archives was confiscated along with the documents of the «Unia Historical Archives» and other Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church documentation. Since 1960 a part of these materials is known as the Fond 18 in the Central Academic Library of Ukraine in Kyiv. Nearly a half of Prylbychi archives units are old parchments dating to the 14th-17th cc. Among the others documents there are autographs of the kings and imperators, high rank European aristocracy and goverment officials, personal privileges, certificates, notarial deeds, etc.

Keywords: Sheptytskyi family, Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi, Prylbychi, «Unia Historical Archives».

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