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Yakym Horak, PhD doctorate assistant, Phd Lecturer-Assistant, inc. of Stanislav Liudkevych Memorial Museum in Lviv

Volodymyra Bozhejko’s & her family letters Stanislav Liudkevych


The article bears witness to the history of relationship between composer and pianist. The extant letters (31 in all) are published with the scientific commentary for the first time, as well as letters of her father Ivan Bozhejko (2 in all), and a letter of her brother Yuliy Bozhejko to Stanislav Liudkevych. The pianists’ letters span the years from 1919 to 1947 — the time of her piano studies in Vienna, and later her employment as a piano teacher in Peremyshl subsidiary school of Higher Music Institute.

The letters reveal the methodology of Liudkevuch professional tutoring of his student: he were the first music journalist, who met with great eclait the bright talent of a young pianist in a Peremyschl girls’ Liceum, extant in two articles of acclaim in 1911 and 1912.

After the graduation from the Austrian Academy of Arts & Letters in a piano masterclass of E. Lialevytch , S. Liudkevych sent the letter of support on behalf of V. Bozhejko to prominent Austrian pianists Paul Weingartner and Emil Sauer, recommending the young pianist to enter Meisterschule in Vienna. Due to Liudkevuch support continued her studies in Meisterschule, and at a later date, in a Neuer Vienna Conservatoire, in the class of pianist Andjelo Cessisoglu of Greece. The letters bear witness to Viennies Promenade Concert Series, as a vibrant milieu the young Ukrainian pianist crafted her musicianship of a rich connoiseur’s appreciation of the artists of brilliance. The letters bear witness to her warm and sincere relationship with Stanislav Liudkevych, where she conveys her impressions of Vienna Concert Series, accounts of her teachers and studies, personal and family matters.

During her studies in 1923 the pianist played the Recital Concert in Lviv, which met the great eclait of Stanislav Liudkevich, where he called it the Klavierabend of a premiere eclait in his acclaim article in a press, as a success were a unique resonance as a Ukrainian Concert Series.

The letters of pianist’s employment in a Peremyschl Subsidiary School of Higher Music Institute bear V. Bojeyko’s witness of Stanislav Liudkevych signifacance as a tutor to her arstistic endeavour, performance of his compositions, the musicianship’s intricacies and craft, revealed in her dialogs with the composer. This dialog were coninued througout their lives, as a piano teacher in Peremyschlyany Subsidiary School, and in calamities of war

Keywords: Volodymyra Bozheyko, Ivan Bozheyko, Yuliy Bozheyko, letters, concerts, Vienna, Paul Wiengartner, Emil Zauer, Angelo Cessisoglu, Meisterschule, Neue Vienna Musichochschule, Peremyschl, the Higher Music Institute subsidiary school, Stanislaw Liudkevych.

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