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Yuriy Glogovskyi and Lviv City Hall

Abstract: The article is devoted to the activities of Yuriy Glogovsky in Lviv connected with the city hall. His participation in the 1820’s in the reconstruction of the architectural monument of the XIV–XVII centuries, as well as in the construction of the magistrate in 1827-1835 has been revealed. The projects prepared by him have been implemented in the scientific use. A particular attention has been paid to watercolors in which the artist had recorded a Lviv city hall of the early ХІХ century. The responsibility with which Y. Glogovskyi had approached the reconstruction of the old object and the construction of a new building has been emphasized. Based on archival materials, the biographical data of the architect has been specified and supplemented.

Keywords: Yuriy Glogovsky, architect, old and new town hall in Lviv, watercolor, projects.

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