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Kozak Sеrgіj

«Ukrajinski visti» newspaper as a source for studying the features of functioning оf «Novi dni» journal (Саnada, 1950—1997)


«Ukrajinski visti» and «Novi dni» are, respectively, a newspaper and magazine, two different publications. One came out in Germany and the United States, another ― in Canada. Each of them has its own history. However, they had a lot in common ― first and foremost, that their subscribers belonged to related organizations. Moreover, the Ivan Bagryanyi’s Foundation, which was the publisher of the newspaper «Ukrajinski visti» (Germany, 1945 ― USA, 2000) during the last stage of its history, also helped materially with the «Novi dni». So it is no coincidence that «Ukrajinski visti» paid a keen attention to the materials on the fate and content of the «Novi dni».
The article aims to elucidate peculiarities of functioning of the «Novi dni» magazine (1950—1997s) via a prism of publications in the «Ukrajinski visti». In the course of this research, a considerable amount of publications has been studied, as well as valuable facts about the history of the magazine have been uncovered. The activities of the Publishing Union and the individuals who took care of its issuing, the names of the editors-in-chief of the journal were revealed. The article has elucidated the changes that occurred in the editorial board after a death of a founder of the newspaper, Petro Volyniak, as well as the most important factors in the life of the magazine in terms of emigration reality. It also outlined a role of the publication in shaping cultural and spiritual heritage of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada and other countries spanning a significant period. The main method of research was to analyze publications of different genres found in the newspaper. According to the newspaper’s content, among the numerous periodicals of the Ukrainian emigration (diaspora) published in Toronto (Canada), the magazine’s role was especial. First of all, it is one of the oldest of all Ukrainian emigration magazines. «Nоvi Dni» has almost half a century of publishing. To flip through the pages of the «Ukrajinski Visti» stories about this journal is at the same time to trace the post-war sociopolitical, social and, above all, cultural life of Ukrainians.

Keywords:  magazine, «Ukrajinski visti», «Novi Dni», Canada, editorial board, Publishing Union, article, emigration.

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