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Myroslav Romaniuk

The shaping of the Ukrainian content on the Polish Radio in 1930s


This paper is devoted to specific features of settling and development of Ukrainian broadcasting on Polish radio and its Lviv branch in 1930s. It is claimed that being launched after building the radio station in Lviv, broadcasting nonetheless didn’t embrace any Ukrainian programs. The author highlighted the role of Ukrainian public and cultural figures, journalists and radio listeners in a struggle for Ukrainian’s right to obtain radio information in Ukrainian language and analyzed distinctive features of Ukrainian radio movement in Halychyna region. The present study, having investigated the issue by examining the publications of newspaper Dilo, showed the reasons for its foundation and indicated the main aspects of Ukrainian Radio Society’s activity as well as of Ukraiinradio publishing house.

The author stated that in 1932 it was officially declared a consent between Ukrainian ethnic minority in Poland and Polish Radio’s management. Music, religious and literary topics were outlined as the main for Ukrainian programs. At first they were prepared by polish journalists, who had difficulties with its contents. But even in such a deficient way, the Ukrainian content’s share became a good sign for Ukrainians, since gave an opportunity to introduce Polish citizens with creative work of Ukrainian talented well-known figures. It is pointed out, that Ukrainian professionals — journalists, writers, musicians, literary critics like Mykola Rudnytskyi and Roman Kupchynskyi joined the process in the second half of 1930s. The author identified such features of Ukrainian programs as a lack of political and social programs, so important for Ukrainians. Problems of content’s amount and quality were constantly discussed.

Key words:  radio journalism, radio programs’ topics, Polish Radio, Ukrainian Radio Society, Ukrainradio publishing House, «Ukrayinska Hazetka», radio listeners.

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