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Olena Kuznetsova

Traditional and new chapters of linguistics in works of Ivan Franko in research by Professor Olexandra Serbenska


Linguistics in works of Ivan Franko, or the so-called «Lingvofrankiana » is one of the key directions of numerous researches of Professor of Journalism Department of The Ivan Franko National University in Lviv, Oleksandra Serbenska, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor. It is very relevant in the conditions of a fight for the role of the Ukrainian language as the basis for the Ukrainian state. The article rediscovers numerous linguistics chapters in monograph and works of Oleksandra Serbenska dealing with the research of Ivan Franko’s works so that to spread knowledge about Ukrainian linguistics, Ukrainian language and the language of the Ukrainian genius, Ivan Franko. It also classified her scientific publications about Ivan Franko according to genres and periods. Additionally, it interpreted, analyzed and differentiated these publications per the traditional, new and dominant chapters of the applied linguistics utilizing the methods of identification, systematization, linguistics and statistical analysis. The novelty of the research is a complex approach to the discovery of traditional and new chapters of linguistics in works of professor Oleksandra Serbenska about the language, language creation and linguistics of Ivan Franko. The findings gained in the course of the research of Ivan Franko’s works’ linguistics by Prof. Oleksandra Serbenska have important theoretical, linguistic and practical meaning and support the development of research of Ivan Franko heritage.

Keywords: Olexandra Serbenska, linguistic research of Franko works, terminology, lexicography, stylistics, linguistic semantics, sociolinguistics, communicative linguistics, cognitive linguistics, linguistics concepts, linguistic phenomenology.

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