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The culturology horizons of Mykola Hnatyshak`s publicism


In the article is analyzed the Mykola Hnatyshak`s publicistic works, which are concentrated in the publications of the author’s column «From the Literary Life» in the newspaper «Meta» (Lviv, 1931—1939). This Catholic critic led this column during 1935—1939 and published there his own articles, notes, reviews and polemical materials. M. Hnatyshak founded a column to persuade those representatives of the intellectuals who believed that literature and art were social phenomena that did not bring a material benefit that these intellectuals were not wright. He also defined the conception of «Catholic literature» and «Catholic criticism». Catholic literature was in the process of formation not only in the Ukrainian literary environment of Galicia, but also in the more developed countries of the Western Europe.

Hnatyshak drew attention to the fact that the Catholic literature is not limited to poetic and prose works of religious subjects, and it is possible to include in it those literary works that do not contradict the ideals of a truth, kindness and beauty. He also thought it was necessary to develop literature on a national basis, but opposed journalistic rhetoric and didacticism.

A number of publications in the column «From the Literary Life» were debatable. M. Hnatyshak argued with the representative of liberal critic Mykhailo Rudnytskyi: in a public debate on topic «Should a writer have a worldview?» (14th April 1935). At the same time, M. Hnatyshak opposed M. Rudnytskyi at the same time, M. Hnatyshak opposed M. Rudnytskyi in question of evaluation criteria during awarding writers in the 1935 literary awards. M. Hnatyshak emphasized the need to know the origins in the context of the history of Ukrainian literature — works of folk poetry, chronicles, Cossack epic. «The Tale of Igor’s Campaign» is a unique monument of the XI century, which presents the mythological, Christian and knight’s spirit of knyazes times. The critic drew special attention to the inheritance of Markian Shashkevych, Taras Shevchenko and Ivan Franko. M. Hnatyshak’s other publications were reviews of new poetic and prose works, researches and periodicals.

Key words: Mykola Hnatyshak, Catholic criticism, publicism, newspaper «Meta», column «From the Literary Life».

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