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Roman Blikharskyi

Genesis and characteristics of the christian worldwide (based on the publications of the “Nyva” journal (Lviv, 1904—1939s) and in the works of theologists of the late 19th ― early 20th cc.)


The Ukrainian religious Christian press, since its inception, was an important means of disseminating information necessary for the life of the Church. Besides the issues of purely Christian doctrine, the authors of religious journals outlined and criticized the ideological tendencies among the representatives of the Ukrainian secular intelligentsia. Their scientific, artistic, social and political activities greatly influenced the then social realities, and partially determined a political future of Ukraine. In the early 20th century, on the pages of the Ukrainian Galician religious periodicals, namely the «Nyva» journal  (Lviv, 1904—1939s), there were published a series of articles dealing with the Christian worldview.

We have elucidated the reasons why in the late 19th century—the early 20th century for the first time there emerged a necessity to discuss the Christian worldview, contrary to other non-religious worldview models of the modernity.

The history of the worldview concept and variation of approaches to its meaning clarifying, the theory of the process of formation of the mindset as well as ways of classification of its different forms, specifically religious worldview, in the philosophical works of Karl Jaspers, Max Scheler and Wilhelm Dilthey, have been researched.

As for the Christian-based worldview, we have determined the approaches to the systematization and unification of the ideological principles of the Christians. Those were studied in the writings of thinkers of different Christian denominations, namely Protestantism (James Orr, Abraham Kuyper), Orthodoxy (Mikhail Tareiev), and Catholicism (specifically, the authors of the «Nyva» journal).

Keywords: worldview, Christianity, Christian worldview, religion, philosophy, religious periodicals, «Nyva» journal.

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