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Yuriy Bidzilya, Denis Kravets

The development of open data as new perspectives and opportunities for the contemporary ukrainian journalism


This article aims to introduce the concept of «data journalism» in the broad circulation of social communications of Ukraine, related to open data as a promising area of the profession, bring to the level of discussion many topical and important issues related to this problem. In the course of our research, the following research methods were used: observation, collection, description, analysis, systematization, abstracting, explanation, induction, and deduction. The article deals with the most relevant problems of «data journalism» in today’s conditions, its interconnection with the phenomenon of the «Open Data». The main stages of the birth of the concepts of «Data Journalism» and «Open Data» were studied, their «evolutionary» path is revealed, and the general perspective of these areas for the development of democracy and society, in general, was outlined. The further development of information technology and the Internet has given a fresh breath to the philosophy of open access to data. In Ukraine, the path to opening data and creating such an open portal was quite confusing. One of the main problems with the open data system is the Ukrainian Open Data Legis lation, which works poorly. Another negative factor is the maximum technical and visual inconvenience of the portal itself, which has alienated many potential users since it was first introduced. The process of disclo sure 187 of «Open data» to administrators of dif ferent government departments is very slow and impedes the process of solving this problem. There is a problem of training at the Ukrainian universities where future journalists are trained. Graduates of journalism faculties are often reluctant to work with «Open data» The authors in the conclusions of their scientific article justify a necessity to include «data journalism» in the scholarly circulation and educational process, since it is already a promising and integral part of the modern information space, however out underrepresented in the Ukrainian communication and media scholarship.

Keywords: data journalism, Open data, journalism science, media,, MMC (Means of mass communication).

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