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Zoriana Nakonechna
Candidate of Social Communications,
Senior Researcher at the Press Studies Research Institute
Vasyl Stefanyk National Scientific Library of Ukraine in Lviv
(Lviv, Ukraine)


«The one who gazed in the highest ideal of truth»: life and work of MYKOLA Masiukevych (1899–1970)

In the history of the Ukrainian press, there are still a lot of little-studied or completely unknown individuals who took an active part in sociopolitical, literary-artistic, sports life. Through the printed word, they sought to enlighten society and assist it in choosing life values.
All these individuals, who at a certain historical point tried to convey to ordinary readers as much essential information as possible about the life of the Ukrainian people, deserve to become known among all those interested in the history of our country.
Thus, in the proposed article, based on reference and press publications, the biography of the obscure Ukrainian journalist, editor, literary critic, public, and sports figure Mykola Masiukevych is reconstructed, who spent most of his life in exile but continued to collaborate with Ukrainian periodicals.
The periodicals in which he was published or collaborated have been studied and documented, including such periodicals as «Studentskyi Vistnyk» (Prague, 1923–1931), «Rozbudova Natsii» (Prague, 1928–1934), «Ukrainskyi Sokil» (Prague, 1934–1937), and the Lviv newspaper «Novyi Chas» (1923–1939), where he briefly served as a foreign correspondent. The topics of this author’s publications, as well as the cryptonyms he may have used, have been determined.

Keywords: Mykola Masіukevich, Central Union of Ukrainian Students, Ukrainian Scientific Institute in Berlin, «Studentskyi Vistnyk», «Rozbudova Natsii», «Novyi Chas», the history of the Ukrainian press.

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