Українська English

Tetyana Viytovych
Lviv Ivan Franko National University
(Lviv, Ukraine)
Anastasiia Doskoch
Master of Journalism
Lviv Ivan Franko National University
(Lviv, Ukraine)

The research focuses on the newspaper «Nash Kray» and examines the peculiarities of management in the media industry, as well as conducts a practical analysis of the work of the editors of this publication. The study shows that modern media editors act as chief managers and are responsible for leading and organizing the work of the editorial team.

The study emphasizes the importance of basic management knowledge for the successful functioning of the editorial office. Taking into account the economic aspect of their activity, managing editors are engaged in budget management, planning of financial resources, attraction of advertisers, and strategic planning. The application of management principles helps to achieve the set goals and ensure the stability of the publication.

This study has practical significance for media editors and emphasizes the need to develop managerial skills to effectively manage editorial processes and achieve success in the media field. Also, this article focuses on the media space and the importance of effective management in this area. It examines different definitions of management and its role in the media industry.

Special emphasis is placed on the concept of modern media management, which covers socio-economic, informational, and organizational-technological aspects. The publication discusses the basic functions of management, including planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling. The article emphasizes the importance of taking into account economic principles in the work of editorial offices, in particular profitability, competitiveness, and economic sufficiency.

It is noted that the media industry has specific features, as it is both a market for goods and services, and the content market is a key aspect of media management. The study provides practical value for editors and managers of media enterprises, contributing to the understanding of the peculiarities of management in the media sphere.

Keywords: newspaper, media management, editorial office, market, media.

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